Simon Reeve, Travel Journalist and Television presenter.

“Recommending a Pioneer Jacket from Skapya – one of my best bits of kit. A near perfect travel raincoat.”

Jonathan Young, Leading Documentary Cameraman

Cameramen are obsessive with detail and quality. I saw the quality of the fabric and then went straight into the pockets (as stuff mine with camera batteries etc) to reveal the backpack pouch which is piece of genius. I can carry a water proof now on my back along with everything else and not rely on others to carry my kit for me.

Ash Dykes, Explorer

The gear is sh*t-hot. The rucksack functionality is surprisingly useful

James Fulcher, Cameraman

I’ve just used my jacket skiing in Bulgaria, it held up really well. The rucksack function is really useful in airports.

Andrew Sim, Cameraman

I love this jacket, the fabric is amazing, I’m finding more uses for the bag function avery day.

Chris, satisfied customer

I spend a lot of my time on the west coast of Ireland and year round the poncho has served me very well. It has kept me comfortable in all weathers, either deployed or packed. Great piece of kit! It was enough to persuade me to get the jacket version…

Huffington Post “Independent Product Review”

Feeling like it could resist the worst the weather could throw at you. As you’d expect, the eVent 3 layer highly breathable, waterproof fabric gives complete protection and it’s the longest jacket of the lot, running down to cover your trouser pockets. What’s clever is that the exterior pockets remain on the outside when it’s folded away, so it turns into a backpack, with its own straps, in 10 seconds.

Outdoors Magic “Independent Product Review”

Multifunctional outdoor gear is nothing new – need I mention the Spork? – but the Pioneer jacket, which has the ability to mutate between a waterproof and a pack takes things to a whole new dimension. Although there have been precedents – the hybrid functionality looks impressive….

Gizmodo “Independent Product Review”

Made from windproof and waterproof fabrics that are still breathable so you don’t end up getting soaking wet from sweat instead, what’s particularly clever about the Vamoose jacket is that its exterior pockets remain on the outside when it’s folded away into a backpack. So you can still use it for carrying other smaller items like your phone or snacks.

Waterways World “Independent Product Review”

The Skapya Pioneer jacket appears to be for active lifestyles, protecting you from wind and rain rather than something simply to keep you warm. As a jacket it’s likely to be more use to a lock-wheeler, towpath walker or runner than to the helmsman or steerer. Skapya range makes great play of it being designed and made entirely in the UK.

Sam, London, customer

I just wanted to give you some feedback after having used my Vamoose Jacket for the last month. It’s a brilliant product – not just for travelling with but for everyday. We went to Eden project and I can’t tell you how helpful it was to take the jacket off and have as a rucksack once we went into the Biomes! The strapping on the outside of the bag also comfortably carried the children’s jackets.

I’m also amazed how well the jacket keeps its shape even when it’s been a rucksack for ages!

Great product – well worth the money”

Richard, Falmouth, customer

Awesome jacket come rucksack. Converts from jacket to rucksack in under 10 seconds. The eVent fabric is amazing, the water just sits on top. The greatest invention since the jacket!