It’s the perfect solution for what to do with your jacket when you take it off. This idea has so much potential it is impossible to put down. When people see it first hand, it looks like a magic trick. The concept is now award winning, patented and very easy to add to existing designs for a negligible cost.

Thanks to the Design Council, as of November 2017 the full UK Patent has been granted and extended to the USA. This is not a simple design patent that can be altered, it is a full development of technology and process, that can be applied to any apparel with a pocket.

Having come up with the concept for travel, several other markets for the pocket adaption have been actively suggested by kit enthusiasts, customers and design professionals. This includes applications for fitness running, triathletes,  jackets for children, snow sports, equestrian and weatherproofs for festivals.

You can be ‘hands free’ and never have to carry or tie your waterproof or insulating layer around your waist again – or carry a rucksack just to put your jacket in.

I’m investigating possibilities, with cutting edge brands, to collaborate on products that suit their own market… get in touch. The full patent details are available on Espacenet.