Good things come to those who wait.

I set out to design a jacket, the best, most useful jacket I could, that I’ll wear out over 10 years and miss like nuts once it is gone.

Slowly but surely, with plenty of feedback on the first pioneering jackets, constant input from inspiring people who spend lots of time outdoors and travelling, I’m getting there, one step at a time….

ZERB, Guild of Television Camera Professionals Article.

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September 2018

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My needs from a jacket as a Protected Areas consultant matched the needs of Camera Operators. Lots of these folk are wearing SKAPYA jackets and have helped in the development of the Pioneer II jacket.

“First published in Zerb, the journal of the Guild of Television Camera Professionals (GTC)” 

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‘The North Face’ have done it… nearly

August 2018

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So the uber brand that is The North Face have come up with the Fanorak (Fanny Pack / Anorack). Apparently it is very popular with urban youth for its functionality and they are selling very well. Only thing is – what do you do with the bits in your pocket when you wear it as a ‘Fanny Pack’? Bi-functional jackets are the future, once you’ve had a SKAPYA jacket you’ll wonder what all upper body insulating and weatherproof apparel doesn’t function like this…

Fast hiking / pack / carry / wear

July 2018

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Fast hiking is the new thing, light, no rucksack. Why restrict your wear/pack/carry jacket? This was taken at “OutDoor” a huge trade show in Germany. Where do people put their stuff when they are carrying their jacket? One simple solution is to incorporate the patented SKAPYA pocket system into the design.

Four out of six..

June 2018

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First week in June, sun is out, and four out of six day walkers have their jackets tied around their waist – even those with a rucksack… why not keep access to your stuff and stash your jacket in an easy to carry sling… one simple solution.

Like a work of art…

May 2018

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The taping of the inside seams on a waterproof jacket makes the inside look like a work of art. It also keeps water out very effectively. Here we have some choice taping work on the Pioneer 2 jacket in a critical part of the jacket.

Final Concept

April 2018

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Opening the box with a new jacket in is a strange experience, a mixture of nervousness and excitement. The ladies in Cumbria make it easy though – each time they come up with the goods and I end up with a massive Cheshire cat grin…

Testing, testing

March 2018

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Here we have James in Iqaluit, Northern Canada; an outstanding and enthusiastic camera man who happens to be nicely tangled with some aviators. He’s had a Pioneer Jacket for two years and is still making the most of it, feeding back on design tweaks and enjoying the protection provided by the fabric and the practicality the pocket provides in airports.


February 2018

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The jacket with the choice fabric has gone back to the ladies in Cumbria for a few tweaks to the pattern. In the mean time, I was lucky enough to be taken to the Dutch Caribbean Islands to work with some outstanding National Parks. A fantastic opportunity to test my five year old jacket in the field, through airports and in the snow in the UK before I left. This photo was taken hiking to Marys Point, an abandoned settlement in the proposed Northern National Park on the unbelievable island of Saba.

Full UK Patent granted!

January 2018

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After five years, the full UK Patent has been granted for the concept and process of the pocket design.

This is not a design patent that can be side stepped, it is a full Patent for a new technology in the UK which has been extended to the USA.

For very little cost, the concept can easily be added to existing designs. Not only perfect for travellers and outdoor professionals, but also for fitness runners and children who don’t want to carry their coat…

Concept 11, whoa there…

December 2017

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Very cool, but sweaty new prototype received from Fiona and the ladies up in Cumbria. The fit and function is perfect.

Don’t worry – the choice fabric is only for pattern testing…

Onwards and upwards

November 2017

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Working with the lovely ladies at Mountain Method to make the most recent concept viable, not only is it going to be a waterproof like no other, it has to be made in a sensible amount of time and without causing headaches for the ladies making it.

There are a few tweaks to be made… onwards and upwards!


October 2017

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It feels great to be back in conversation with Fiona, Rachel and Mary at Mountain Method in Cumbria. They made the first jackets and are the right team for the job for the next ones… check out where the jackets will be made…..

Fitness running…

October 2017

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With the help  of the ladies at Mountain Method in Cumbria, who hand make the Skapya Pioneer jacket, we’ve managed to put together another product using an old RonHill jacket as a starting point..

The fabric is a bit smelly and sweaty, but the concept works brilliantly in keeping the wind off, having keys and a phone in your pocket, then being able to take the jacket off and wear it as a waist pouch when running up a hill or working up some heat….


Up, up and away

September 2017

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Jame Fulcher is a cameraman extraordinaire – he’s been taking his Skapya Pioneer jacket through it’s paces and feeding back. He gets all over the place through his contacts in high places with access to aircraft….

Ash on Amazon

August 2017

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I met Ash a couple few years ago at the Royal Geographical Society. I was showing people the Pioneer jacket and he sparked up a conversation about his planned adventures to be the first person to walk unaided across Mongolia. Wow. He spotted the quality in the eVent fabric used for the Pioneer jacket and took one with him for the adventure.

Now you can watch his documentary on Amazon – great stuff, what next?

Endless applications

July 2017

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From Mongolia to Australia, the Caribbean and back to the Highlands of Scotland. The Pioneer jacket is versatile. On a family walk in Culbin Forest in the Highlands, the kids wanted to take their jackets off. Unfortunately they didn’t have the ability to turn their jackets into a bag – so I changed mine into a bag and tucked theirs into the bungee on the front. No moaning, all hands free……