I set out to make the best, most practical shell jacket to travel with and use day to day. One that you can use in as many situations as possible.

I’m not likely to be hanging off a mountain at any point soon, and I hate waste. One jacket that will last years and keep me dry will work for me.


The journey so far

Skapya means escape in Cornish. The idea for these jackets was hatched on a very changeable February day on a Cornish Beach.

Escape is something we all like to do and, that is what we want to help with. It could be an escape to break records in exploration, it could be getting out into the fresh air and weather for a lunch time break and anything in-between.

I’ve had more than two decades of getting fed up with having to use kit which was never right and didn’t do what I needed it to. When I decided to invent my own, I knew exactly how essential it was to have a good quality, breathable fabric which didn’t leave you sweating underneath – but equally I knew how vital it was that when the rain stopped, you could take off your jacket or poncho and not have to carry it around with you.

Working and travelling in tropical and temperate climates all over the world as a consultant for marine and terrestrial National Parks, has given me plenty of fabulous travel and wet experiences. I drew on this when it came to designing the perfect waterproof.

Doubting myself – as we all do – I started to test the idea with other people. First friends and acquaintances, then customers via a product run of an initial 80 products. Then came an award with the Design Council, a full UK Patent (extended to the USA) and a load of support from outdoor professionals who find the jacket I made is rugged, incredibly useful and looks amazing.



The inspiration came from a life of travel and wearing waterproofs…..