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What do you do with your jacket when you take it off?

The SKAPYA stash and CARRY system and what can be done with it…

Add FUNCTIONALITY and PRACTICALITY to any apparel with our trick pocket.

It is perfect for so many market segments including runners, cyclists, walkers, kids, outdoor professionals and equestrian.

You can be ‘hands free’ and never have to carry or tie your waterproof or insulating layer around your waist again – or carry a rucksack just to put your jacket in..

As of March 2013 our technology has patent pending status. November 2016, responses have been filed to searches in the UK and USA and the advice has been to continue to grant, as there are clear differences between the SKAPYA system and existing technology.

“Cameramen are obessive with detail and quality. I saw the quality of the fabric and then went straight into the pockets (as stuff mine with camera batteries etc) to reveal the backpack pouch which is piece of genius. I can carry a water proof now on my back along with everything else and not rely on others to carry my kit for me.”

Jonathan Young, Documentary Cameraman

“Recommending a Pioneer Jacket from Skapya – one of my best bits of kit. A near perfect travel raincoat.”

Simon Reeve, TV Presenter

“The gear is sh*t-hot. The rucksack functionality is surprisingly useful”

Ash Dykes, Explorer