Developing a product and selling a few has been a great journey. Luckily there continues to be some great support from a team of expert advisors…

Jonathan Young

One of the best and most respected TV Documentary makers and obsessive outdoor kit enthusiast.

Charles Ross

Respected and experienced specialist in Performance Sportswear Design & sustainable matters.


The oldest surviving clothing and design manufacturers in UK. Have designed and manuactured products for 100 years for many top brands. Have been instrumental in developing new products based on customer feedback.

More on the way…

“Cameramen are obessive with detail and quality. I saw the quality of the fabric and then went straight into the pockets (as stuff mine with camera batteries etc) to reveal the backpack pouch which is piece of genius. I can carry a water proof now on my back along with everything else and not rely on others to carry my kit for me.”

Jonathan Young, Documentary Cameraman

“Recommending a Pioneer Jacket from Skapya – one of my best bits of kit. A near perfect travel raincoat.”

Simon Reeve, TV Presenter

“The gear is sh*t-hot. The rucksack functionality is surprisingly useful”

Ash Dykes, Explorer